Use Case

Airtran Airways

GO Magazine

With more than two dozen editorial design awards, A Great Idea brought style and substance on board to millions of readers in a five-year span as Art Director for AirTran Airways’ monthly in-flight magazine. The publication (managed by INK Global) received wide recognition for its travel editorial, celebrity interviews and successful ad sales in addition to book, article and original content graphic design.

"Shane (of A Great !dea) is passionate about all things design and is willing to go the extra mile to perfect a project. His willingness to experiment, to push boundaries, to find truly novel solutions to seemingly impossible design problems make him an exceptional art director."—Orion Ray-Jones, Managing Editor
  • Establishing a Clear Visual Language

    Inheriting a publication means sorting through a lot of previously made decisions, and while the magazine has always had a strong editorial voice, the visual presentation was often scattered with some issues racking up more than a dozen different types of fonts (letterfaces) and little continuity in sections. A Great Idea worked with the editorial team to assess the most successful facets of a publication before making changes and then work to identify and guide a formal vocabulary to unite the publication in content and visual.

  • Thinking Outside the Grid

    Part of what makes the formal language of a publication sing is bending it in intentional ways that speak to the story being told (either as a whole publication or for an individual article). Through art direction and graphic design choices, the travel stories of Go Magazine appeared cohesive in capturing the mood, the reader’s excitement and joy of discovery in turning each page. This work led to recognition from HOW Magazine, Communication Arts, many Pearl Awards (from the Custom Content Council) and more.

  • Bringing in Talent with Vision

    One of the best parts of art directing a publication is to source and collaborate with writers, illustrators, and photographers who provide a unique vision. With an eye always toward enhancing a publications broad narrative, assigning and delivering finely-tuned pages which leave a lasting impression is such a critical and enjoyable part of the editorial design experience.