Use Case

Nutritional Delivery Systems

CurcuminPro Shopify Relaunch

Supplement technology innovator Nutritional Delivery Systems looked to A Great Idea (working in partnership with Chante Digital) to introduce them on the Shopify network with a strong brand deployment strategy, including user experience, website design, content strategy and copywriting.

  • Moving to Shopify

    Shifting their model to Shopify proved a great opportunity to review the developing brand’s site content, structure and identity. To start, wireframes helped guide the process in addition to a brand review and new content strategy.

  • Evolving the message

    The focus for the brand feel to the benefits the curcumin supplement could provide to its many consumers: a smoother, more fluid movement. To highlight this, A Great Idea provided the tagline “This body moves with CurcuminPro” and a brand design that felt organic and in motion.

  • Connecting to the brand

    The final site had additional content and cohesive design that drove the core message of the product’s unique innovations, diverse product offerings and the brand story to help it make a unique appeal in a saturated market.