Use Case

Verizon Wireless

Insider's Guide Consumer Strategy

In the evolution of this very popular, effective, and award-winning content/ecommerce hybrid program for Verizon Wireless, A Great !dea collaborated with the PACE and Verizon Wireless teams as a leader to co-write the content strategy, guide the wireframing and userflow process and establish the user experience requirements while art directing the process and contributing to front-end development.

"Shane (of A Great !dea) has to be one the best leaders and designers I have worked with. Going into a project, you will know that you have the right person with a great plan strategy in accomplishing your goals.”—Jorge Maturino, Graphic Designer
  • Starting With the Strategy

    Marking A Great !dea’s fourth evolution of Your Guide‘s content/ecommerce hybrid digital platform as it met its millionth consumer meant expanding the sitemap to embrace enhanced functionality. With this launch, the strategy needed a sitemap which encompassed all the regularly published articles and video content as well as new marketing content such as sweepstakes and special regional sales events. From this point, a more comprehensive content strategy document was drawn up to address content organization and funnels to purchasing process.

  • Identifying the Flow

    With hundreds of articles and an expanding palette of functions, the site was broken down into page templates and zones through the wireframing process. By breaking the site into segments or reusable widgets, the site, which was built on WordPress, could use the content management solution’s technology to optimize dynamic content, reduce editorial staff time in entry and ensure SEO value. The process included dozens of wireframes for each device size (or breakpoint) for evaluation.

  • Applying the Brand

    Provided by the agency of record, the site needed to embody the wireframes while feeling a part of the Verizon Wireless brand. The site was hosted on a subdomain of the Verizon Wireless site requiring a user’s engagement needed to feel seamless. Millions of users agreed and visited the site, many making purchases direct from the interface after accessing detailed tips, videos and information.

  • Enhanced Functionality

    This iteration of the Insider’s Guide not only evolved the prior version of Your Guide but it folded in something called Verizon Insider, an event and engagement platform. Verizon saw the success of Your Guide‘s content/ecommerce hybrid and decided to bring in Verizon Insider‘s functionality which had been floundering. With the smooth integration and seamless user experience, engagement improved substantially, eventually prompting Verizon to bring the entire content platform onto its main corporate URL driving hundreds of thousands of users a day.